Fuselage and main wings combined as a single part of Drone

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We intend to develop a new type of aerial vehicle equipped with independently controlled main wings to supplement the limitations of existing rotary-wing aircraft and fixed-wing aircraft. These cutting-edge vehicles demonstrate excellent energy efficiency, agility, and speed along with a short turning radius. We aim to acquire and retain core technologies underlying the future air traffic system and, based on them, develop various quaternary-industry products

Core Base Technology

Here, the core base technology refers to the technology for independently controlling the main wings of an aerial vehicle for the future air traffic system, allowing vertical take-off and landing, and vertical and horizontal flight, as shown below.

Vertical flight mode to act as a copter drone

● Vertical take-off and landing
● Slow flight speed
● Easy to change flight direction
● Hovering 

Horizontal flight mode acting as a fixed-wing drone

● Obtain lift from wings capable of controlling angle of attack separately
● Fast flight 


● Rotors at tail and wings tilted independently
● Mode switching anytime during flight
● No auxiliaries are needed

Technical profit

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Equipped with Independently Controlled Main Wings

  • It has a structure that allows high-speed forward flight, just as fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, and it takes advantage of lift force and thrust at the same time by freely adjusting each of its main wings. 
  • It is designed to allow easy direction change and long-term hovering so that it can be suitable for aerial photograph.  It is a new type of vehicle incorporating independently controlled wings, which supplements the limitations of existing aircraft and can be used for multiple purposes as a future public transport system.    
  • It also entails the advantages of both fixed-wing unmanned aircraft and rotary-wing unmanned aircraft.  Even general users can easily perform flight mode change and operation activities. 


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It possesses the best technology such as having the only drone technology and filing a patent. 


For successful execution of the given tasks, we build and expert-centric, expert-fostering environment, while trying to secure global top-tier competitiveness by ceaselessly improving and nurturing technology 

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"When we think of drones, we often first think of the military. Last month, Google decided to not renew a Pentagon contract for an artificial intelligence program that aims to categorize drone strike targets, under pressure from employees who found it unethical.

But a report released by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics in June, called “Drones in the Service of Society,” offers a closer look at the potential of drone use in humanitarian aid efforts. “When we have natural disasters, starving people in conflict, or emergency need for medicines, drones can come to the rescue,” said co-author Noel Sharkey.

Drones are being used to deliver blood to hospitals in Rwanda, monitor oil pipelines and fight wildfires in California. Here are other recent ways they’ve helped, too:"

Larisa Epatko


"Military inventions have a knack for taking the commercial markets by storm. Think of innovations such as the jet engine, microwaves, GPS, and even disposable razors – all these started their lives on military drawing boards, and all have risen to become multibillion-dollar commercial industries. Now there’s another innovation on the cusp of joining that list – the drone."

Joe Austin



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